Dear Louise,

We returned from our trip to France and heard all about Rebecca ad Andrew's dinner with you! They both really enjoyed the class and said the dinner was delicious! I think they picked up many good tips and now realize just how important etiquette is in every situation! Many thanks for setting them on the right track. I hope you have a great summer and may try to have my son, Ben do a class in the future.

All the best,

Jan Sutin

LOVED yesterday's workshop ( Perfectly Polished) Just wanted to say thank-you.  I have been spending some time on my bragalogue and elevator speech today.  I have been in previous workshops that espoused this technique, but you are the one who has inspired me to put some concentrated thought and work into it.  Thank you for taking the time to speak to me prior to lunch and after your presentation yesterday.  I am not sure where this is all going to go for me, but please know that your candor and personal consideration are greatly appreciatied.  Continued success and growth to you.

Many thanks.

Jacqueline (Todd)

"Louise's presentation to our MBA class was a fantastic learning experience! She infused what could have been a dry subject with humour and enthusiasm, making it an enjoyable experience for all.  She is a wealth of knowledge, and answered all of our questions - no matter how specific or trivial.  I would recommend a workshop with Louise to any group or organization looking to give its members a real competitive advantage!"

Abbas Panju
MBA Candidate

DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

On behalf of MESA, I would like to thank you for coming to speak yesterday. I spoke to many of the students and they absolutely loved your session. I risk sounding unprofessional, but I must say that you are truly a great public speaker. You kept the students engaged and interested, which was key in making the event a success. Considering the great response we had, it is most likely that we will host an etiquette dinner next year. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you very much for your time, we truly appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Balraj Atwal
Events Director, 2008-2009
Management & Economics Students' Association (MESA)
University of Toronto Scarborough

Ms. Fox: Please let me add my thanks as well. Your online discussion yesterday was hugely popular with our readers. It was No. 4 overall on all The Globe's websites. We greatly appreciate the time you took -- including the additional hour you gave us -- and hope that you will be available to do it again in the future when the appropriate topic arises.

Jim Sheppard
Executive Editor

Thanks again for being so generous with your time, and so thoughtful in your responses.
It was a lively addition to our web site today. Good luck with your U of T students tomorrow.

Ginny Galt, Globe and Mail.

Louise, Fabulous darling..you were wonderful, as I knew you would be! And the calls were good, A good time was had by all, and I thank you, again, most sincerely.

Sherry Drysdale
CBC Radio

Michael and I enjoyed our dinning etiquette training very much and found it very useful when entertaining our international clients. Your "Dining Etiquette" course is so much more than just learning what fork to use, we invested in and learned a life long skill. And yes I am practising everytime I eat and reminding Michael as well so it will become automatic for us.

Thank you,
Carla and Michael

Thank you Louise, You did it again! Congrats on being one of our favourite guests! Looking forward to seeing you again soon! Cheers for now
Darlene Christianson
Rogers Television 
Daytime Host

"Last March I attended a Toronto Law Office Event Planners Association (TLOEPA) monthly meeting when I first met Louise Fox and her Protocol Solutions consulting program. The presentation that was offered to us rung a bell with my dedication to providing a professional image to all our clients. I oversee the operations of our front line staff in the firm's Client Centre and at the time I was looking for the right program to offer to my staff to take us to the next level. Louise's presentation and her professional manner impressed me so much that I recommended her to our Law Firm for future seminars. I met with Louise to discuss our needs and firm expectations after which she developed a custom designed workshop on professional excellence. The seminar was such a huge success! Not only did my staff take much away from this seminar they also had fun and were captivated during the session. Louise has a natural ability to convey her ideas and principles within in an adult learning environment. We subsequently asked her to come back to offer her wisdom to other firm members across many departments. Thank you Louise, the information that you have passed on to us has become a great resource for my staff and myself!"

June V. Ellis Coordinator, Boardroom Services
McMillan Binch Mendelsohn
Toronto | Barristers & Solicitors | Montreal

It is essential for cheerleaders to have excellent manners when interacting with fans directly. Louise has a way of connecting with her audience and keeping their attention through interesting scenarios, stories and situations. The skills and information that the Toronto Argonaut Cheerleaders learned at your lecture will not only be invaluable for their position as cheerleaders, but will equip them well in their personal and business lives. Thank-you Louise!

Mailie Harris
Head Coach - 2007 Blue Thunder Cheerleaders


The Sidney Ledson School in Markham dedicated the whole month of March to learning about proper etiquette.  We had heard many wonderful things about the Etiquette Ladies.  When we contacted Louise Fox of Etiquette Ladies to come to our school we knew the presentation would be a great match to what we were trying to reinforce to our students.  Louise's enthusiasm, professionalism and passion for education were present throughout the presentation.  The children benefited from her interactive and informative guidance to discipline, table manners, good eating habits, and learned how to properly introduce themselves to others. Louise was surprisingly able to even hold even our youngest audience members' attention for an hour and a half.  The children and teachers walked away from the presentation with new knowledge and concepts that they will remember and can apply for the rest of their lives.  Sidney Ledson School in Markham highly recommends The Etiquette Ladies to any organization that works with young children where they would like to instill great manners in their student's daily habits.

Michelle Chow
Sidney Ledson School

I am writing for my daughter Isabel who attended your class in Burlington on April 14th.  I just wanted to say that she really enjoyed the class and was a little sad that this was not a weekly class.  In fact, she has asked me now a few times if the class was on again.  She actually wanted me to write to you and say thanks she had a great time.

I in turn, see her trying everyday to eat properly and always correcting the cutlery at the dinner table, so I see that she has taken in a lot of the class.

Thank you once again for a great service you offer.  I really want her to be different and make a difference.  It doesn't take much to be polite and this will make a world of difference.

Have a great day.

Maria Cabardo for Isabel Cabardo

"Louise Fox is a remarkable presenter.  She is very warm and at the same time extremely professional.  We were very fortunate to have Louise give a presentation to a group of over 90 secretaries on business etiquette.  Louise has a natural ability to be able to engage her audience and give them examples that they can relate to and take forward to ensure they are achieving optimal business etiquette.  Having Louise has been very helpful to us and I would recommend her highly."

Lorie Blundon
Manager, Secretarial Services
McMillan Binch Mendelsohn LLP
181 Bay Street, Suite 4400
Toronto, ON
M5J 2T3
Direct Tel:   ( 416) 865-7060  Toll Free: 1-888-622-4624

"You made an intimidating topic a fun and interesting learn in a very comfortable setting. You provided a variety of information for realistic situations..."

Melanie M. Schoen
Private Consultant

"Small, intimate, learning experience... Karen and Lew were human yet professional."
Keith Mander
Financial Advisor, M.F.S

"Very informative, I learned some things I thought I knew."
Doris MacKenzie
Banker, TD Bank

“An enjoyable experience!…I particularly liked having someone speak on wine.”
Chris Mainella

“What fun! Great down to earth approach.”
Amara Pushka

“Very nice presentation - complete and relevant information.”
Sheila Bennett
Wine sales representative

“Very informative, your passion for the subject is quite evident. This was most enjoyable.”
Allison Squires
Hospitality instructor

"Absolutely fabulous! Very professional, excellent food and good information. I would recommend your courses without hesitation."
Christine Van Cauwenberghe


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