Services - Social IQ Quiz

1. Why is respect important?
a) Shows that I care about myself and other people
b) So I’ll be popular at school
c) To avoid being punished

2. If I am visiting someone’s home for the first time, I am required to bring a small gift.
True False    

3. When I meet someone for the first time, I should stand, smile, and shake their hand introduce myself and make eye contact.
True False           

4. When someone who is older than me needs a seat or help with a package or can’t open a door, I should wait until they ask me to offer help.
True False

5. It is proper to say excuse me when I leave the room and when I enter a situation or join a group.
True False    

6. It is okay to be late if I have a good excuse.
True False

7. If I have something really important to say and someone else won’t stop talking it’s okay to interrupt them.
True False      

8. If I said thank you in person when I received a gift, I still have to send a written thank you card.

9. Your cell phone goes off in the middle of a face to face conversation with someone. You should answer it because letting it ring is really rude.
True False     

10. If I am invited to someone’s home for dinner party I do not have to dress up formally. I should just be myself.
True False      

11. Chewing gum is a very good habit to get into if you want to keep your breath fresh.
True False      

12. If I’m on the phone and my call waiting beeps, I should just ignore the beep and let the caller go to voicemail.
True False


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