Children’s Programs:

Mad about Manners

Children age 4 - 7 learn the meaning of respect and basic manners such as making introductions, handshakes, first impressions, table manners, social behaviour, telephone etiquette and party etiquette. Interactive activities and crafts direct the child’s learning in a fun and entertaining program that is flexible and can be adjusted according to the time available. This program motivates children to learn and apply life changing social skills.

Courtesy for Kids

In five action packed fun filled days at courtesy camp or an ongoing weekly program, children 5 -10 learn respect, confidence and the power of politeness. Family life, social rules, dining etiquette, uncommon courtesies, rules for home, school and travel, are all covered in this program along with role-playing, interactive games, art activities and more.

Proud to be Polite

Children ages 8-12 learn the meaning of respect; showing respect to others and to yourself. Children will learn the importance of first impressions, proper handshaking and eye contact, how to introduce themselves and others, how to remember names, communicating with confidence, the art of conversation, listening skills, what not to say, telephone communication, netiquette and more. Effectively combined with a dining tutorial, your child will be proud to be polite.

Confidence is Cool

As young people make their way in the world, they will require advanced social skills. Knowing what confidence is and how to get it gives young people the boost they need to contribute positively and feel good about themselves.

This vital program for ages 10 -15 covers the steps to gaining confidence, setting goals, problem solving, asserting yourself with ease, confident language, social IQ, courteous communication, dress and decorum, special event etiquette, invitations and correspondence, social etiquette, and dining etiquette. It provides your child with the tools to feel confident in any situation.

Backpack to Briefcase

This program includes 5-2 hour workshops complete with power point presentations, take home assignments and a class handbook. Completion of all five classes for a total of 10 hours results in a comprehensive etiquette program and certificate of completion for the attendee.

The program prepares youth for the transition to college or the work place. In addition to those topics covered in “Confidence is Cool,” this program covers first impressions, image, dating dilemmas, saying “no,” social and situational etiquette, confident greeting, communication skills public speaking, dining etiquette, public courtesy, interview etiquette, corporate conduct and more.

Manners on the Menu - Dining Etiquette

Knowing the rules for dining and having the ability to consistently practice the technical skills related to eating will allow you for feel more comfortable in dining situations. If you are more comfortable you can make others more comfortable, which is really what good manners are all about. Learn styles of eating, formal table setting, silverware savvy, navigating the place setting, dining do’s and don’ts, managing difficult foods, manners at the table, restaurant manners, finessing the buffet, invitations, entertaining etiquette, host and guest duties, handling chopsticks and much more.

This program may be combined with a three course meal and dining tutorial.

Tea and Etiquette: Princess / Prince Charming Tea

The Princess or Prince Charming Tea makes a great birthday party for boys and girls of all ages. Each princess/prince dons a tiara or crown and enjoy “special fairy tea” while he/she learns how to make introductions, shake hands correctly, conversations starters and gains poise and confidence in social situations.

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